Saddle Prologo Scratch M5 Pas Cpc Tirox 140 Bk

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  • Scratch M5 use 4.0 technologies; innovative in terms of size, shape and ergonomics, they are suitable for multiple uses from road and off-road to Triathlon
  • The Round Shape of the M5 allows the pelvis a natural rotation, creating stability and support for the lumbar areas and distributes pressure over a greater area
  • MSS Multi Section System - This technology provides three different individual zones mapped and separated along the saddle, each composed of different interactive foams and single-cell padding
  • CPC Models feature material on top of the saddle that provides higher grip, better airflow and vibration absorption
  • PAS - features a channel in the seat to alleviate pressure and numbness in the pelvic region by promoting healthy perineal blood flow
  • Nack models feature a Nano Carbon composite rail paired with reinforced seat clamp area for the perfect fusion of performance and reliability
  • Tirox model features an aerospace light Ti-Alloy rail that provides a balance of weight and strength
  • New T-Shape base offers comfortable unisex design
Use: Road/Off-Road Rail: Tirox
Padding: MSS Color: Hard Black
Size (LxW): 250mmx140mm Weight: 185g
Technology: CPC/PAS Gender: Unisex