Origin8 Vortex Wire Belt Tires Black

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  • Smooth, fast rolling tread with water evacuating grooves and raised, textured shoulder blocks
  • Provides unrivaled grip in wet road conditions
  • Alternating, slightly raised shoulders grip well even over loose debris
  • Reflective sidewall striping keeps you seen and safe on your early morning or late night commute
  • Magnitude III level puncture protection - a 60x60 TPI Nylon layer beneath the tread surface

Style: Standard
Size: 26x2.0, 27.5x2.0, 29x2.0
ISO: 559, 584, 622
Bead: Wire
Belted: Nylon 60    
Tread/SW: Bk/Blk
PSI: 65    
Weight: 610, 655, 705
TPI: 60    
Reflective Sidewall: Yes