Delta Cruiser+ Active Twin PG

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  • Classic center rib profile is versatile and offers pleasant rolling characteristics
  • Green Compound is manufactured from natural rubber obtained from renewable rubber trees and from recycled rubber materials
  • Equipped with a 50 TPI carcass and reflective trim
  • Also equipped with a 3mm Puncture Guard
  • PGRD - Puncture Guard, Affordable 3mm rubber breaker belt
  • Twin Skin - An additional rubber coating on the side protects against cuts and allows for uniform coloring
  • EBIKE25 - has achieved a passing rating for use with E-Bikes up to 25kph
  • *Please note that EBike rated tires also can be used with non-Ebikes and are generally more durable than standard tires
Style: Standard Size: 700x32
ISO: 622 Bead: Wire
Belted: Belted Tread/SW: Bk/Bsk/Ref
PSI: 95 TPI: 50
Features: EBIKE25/TWN/PGRD Reflective Sidewall: Yes
E-Bike Rating: E25